Vladimir Putin Welcomes New Options to Develop Managers in Russia

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has admitted that the country “didn’t have a good tradition of developing managers,” while visiting the new campus of St Petersburg State University’sGraduate School of Management (GSOM).

Students of St Petersburg University’s GSOM told of demand for specialists

In addressing the school’s students last week, Vladimir Putin said that the GSOM’s fresh setup represents “something new for our country,” adding, “managers used to grow on their own from different spheres. But modern industries from manufacturing to human sciences are so complex and versatile that they definitely demand this type of specialist,” according to a press release for St Petersburg State University.

The new campus, inaugurated this fall, is said to form part of a national project to create two leading business schools in Russia and will accommodate 1,600 students. After being shown the new site, which lies on a former royal estate in a St Petersburg suburb, Vladimir Putin described the GSOM’s new home as being “quite hi-tech and modern in beautifully renovated historic architecture.”

The Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg State University currently offers a Russian-language executive MBA, as well as a double degree program in conjunction with HEC Paris, through which students can gain a master’s in management qualification from both institutions. In addition, the school is part of the CEMS alliance of universities offering master’s in international management programs (MIM) that also allow students to split pre-experience management studies between two schools in two countries.


Without a traditional full-time MBA program, the school has not been eligible for inclusion in the most recent edition of the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report. However, you can find out more about study options in Russia and the advantages in gaining a better understanding of the culture for doing business in Russia from TopMBA’s country guide.