Centurion University of Technology & Management

Course Offered – MBA (approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India with 120 seats)

The journey of Centurion University began five years ago by a group of ambitious professionals having aspirations to take it to the pinnacle of quality education, nationally and internationally. The first foray in this respect was the takeover of a failing engineering college in Parlakhemundi, Gajapati: the Jagannath Institute for Technology and Management (JITM). Gajapati is the poorest district of Odisha State, and appears in the Prime Minister’s “100 poorest districts” and “31 most extremistaffected districts” list. Since then, committed efforts have been made to bring about a difference to this area; both academically and socio-economically.

Today, the Centurion University has five campuses at Paralakhemundi, Bhubaneswar, Bolangir, Rayagada, and Chatrapur offering B. Tech., MBA, +2 Science, ITI, Primary and Secondary Education in addition toSkill and Vocational Training and SocialEntrepreneurship initiatives.

Centurion University (through its social outreach entity, Gram Tarang) is one of the first partner to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to set up over 50 Skill Training and Capacity Building Centres across the country. We are proud to have entered into partnership with Government of Odisha, Government of India and non-government agencies to provide vocational training with job assurance for BPL, SC & ST youth, who would otherwise be unemployed and unemployable due to lack of adequate education and/or skills.

The focus has been and shall remain the conduit for ameliorating livelihood through self-employment unemployability of marginalised communities of rural and remote areas. The University will continue to address the problem of naxalism, which is considered to be more a socio-economic challenge than a law and order issue. The Centurion University’s training programmes have also been nationally recognised. In August 2010, Gram Tarang Employability Training Services has received the “Best Skills Project in Rural Communities” award at the UK-India Skills Forum Awards 2010.


“A globally accredited human resource centre of excellence catalysing sustainable livelihoods in the less developed markets across the globe”


  • Provision of quality, globally accredited academic programmes in technology and management
  • Provision of globally accredited employability training for less endowed segments of the population
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial culture and enterprise in the target areas
  • Facilitating improved market access to goods and financial services to the target population
  • Promotion of lighthouse project interventions in the target area


To achieve strategic purpose, the raison d’etre and vision will have coherence which is built on following values:

  • Strive to achieve economic, environmental and educational sustainability of the community where Centurion University operate
  • Equality and equity remain the fundamental principles

Quality Policy

To adhere to the highest standards of academic quality through honest dealings with stakeholders namely students, faculty, staff, employees and the community in general.

The Programme

The programme offers two-year full time residential Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This programme is approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India with 120 seats.

Divided into four semesters each of six months’ duration, in this programme, a student has to undergo minimum 990 classroom/other route contact hours during the two years of his/her stay in the Institute, equivalent to 99 credits. Successful completion of the summer internship of minimum 8 weeks, which is a mandatory component of the programme, will fetch an additional 6 credits. In total, the student has to earn 105 credits for award of the degree.

Under the credit system, a student is awarded 3 credits on successful completion of 30 classroom contact hours in a particular course.


The programme intends to develop practicing managers and hence provides a mix of conceptual and experiential learning, comprising lectures, cases, simulations, games, brainstorming, debates, drama, movies and field projects. Students specialising in domain areas get extensive hands-on experience through industry incumbency.

Domain Specialization

Domain is a distinct feature of the School of Management which is a student-led activity based programme that aims to empower students with close guidance of faculty. Currently, Financial Services and Rural domains are operational besides the functional specialisations. The domain specialisation can be attained by earning 27 credits through workshop mode of learning, supported by the faculty and the professionals drawn from domain partners. Its main purpose is to groom industry-ready professionals.


Continual assessment through written examinations and quizzes, performance tests, procedural tests, viva voce, movie analysis, take home assignments etc. ensure the highest academic rigor of the MBA programme. A cumulative quality point index (CQPI) of 4.5 out of 8 is the minimum qualifying standards for the programme.

Immersion Courses

These are compulsory non-credit courses for exposing the students to cutting-edge industry practices. Leading industry practitioners and researchers offer to update students and faculty alike.

Award of Degree

The Masters Degree in Business Administration is awarded at the Annual Convocation, to students who have successfully acquired at least 105 credits with 4.5 CQPI.

Summer Internship

On completion of the first year, the students gain hands-on experience in the application of core concepts and functional skills through a Summer Project with leading corporate firms. This practice of ‘Learning by Doing’ helps the student relate the rigour of theory to the world of business. They work on projects as per the specification of the company. At the end of 8-10 weeks of a closely guided project under the supervision of a company executive, the student submits a report to the company. Companies may also offer Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) to students who perform well during the internship.


MOU with SAP, India has been signed as a SAP University Alliance Partner. The SAP academic courses have been integrated with ERP Management course along with Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP) in fourth generation.

Computing Facilities

The computer lab has 60 desktops with internet connections and necessary software. Students and Faculty are able to access a shared computing facility. Four uninterrupted power supply systems ensure glitch–free connectivity at all times. Online storage of course materials and notification of changes is done through the online Academic Information System.

For admission: +91 9090430147 & Know More visit : http://cutm.ac.in