Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (BITM)

Courses Offered:
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-Telecom)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM – Telecom & Marketing)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM – Marketing & Finance)

Our Vision
The focus of BITM is to impart the best management education to the students and equip them to be enablers of tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission
BITM is being developed as a center of excellence in ‘Management Education’. BITM offers specialization in ‘Telecom Management’, ‘Telecom & Marketing’ and ‘Marketing and Finance’ along with the backbone of Information Technology. We believe in developing effective management skills within the students for the benefit of the industry.

Our Aim
Our aim is to create a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines of management science and telecom through effective education, training and research which will not only help students to carve out their niche in the industry but also benefit the industry. Admission to BITM is done through a scientific selection process. The rigorous scheduling of ‘on-the-job training’ and classroom inputs, comprising of multiple subjects, conducted throughout the year as per the demand of the dynamic business environment, ensures that BITM students represent the best management graduates.

Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (BITM), formerly known as ICTM is run by Sri Balaji Society. Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian is the Dean of the Institute and Dr. Seema Singh-Zokarkar is the Director of the Institute. The institute enjoys very good campus placements. BITM was started in the year 2002 with a focus on the dynamic needs of the industry in general and the Telecom Industry in particular in an ever-changing business environment which is driven by powerful forces of technological innovation, intense competition and globalization. BITM has been ranked among the Top 3 Telecom B-schools in India by ‘Outlook ‘ (dated September 27, 2004) and an “A++” BSchool in India (Business India).
BITM trains the student managers to become ‘enablers’ in tomorrow’s world. It strives to transform individuals into dynamic, well-groomed and well-trained corporate citizens . The Institute is offering career-oriented Post-Graduate Diploma in Management in Telecom, Telecom & Marketing and Marketing & Finance. The students are compatible and enabled to join all the sectors of the industry and also to cater to the niche segments of Telecom Industry.

Traditionally, the institute has been admitting mostly those from engineering background. However it has been decided that bright students from other streams of graduations will also be admitted for marketing and finance specializations.

It should be noted that BITM is not providing managerial resources to telecom industry only. The students from Marketing, Operations, Systems and Finance are eligible for placements in any sector of the industry as well. We prefer that the students of Telecom specialization should get Telecom related placements so that the full advantage of engineering is derived in the long run. For example, many students have taken up careers in telecom verticals in IT companies such as Infosys and Wipro.

Welcome to BITM.

1. Ranked amongst the Top 50 Private B-Schools in the country (Source: The Week-Hansa Research Best College Survey 2013)
2. Ranked amongst the Top 50 B-Schools in India (Source: Business Today A C Neilsons, 2012)
3. Ranked amongst the top 50 Private B-schools in India (Source: MBA Universe B-School Ranking 2013-14)
4. Ranked amongst the top 7 in Group(Source: CSR-GHRDC B-School Survey 2013)
5. Ranked as A++(Top Grade) B-school in India (Source: Business India, November 2013)
6. Ranked amongst the Top 25 Private B school in West Region (Source: Business World, July 2013)
7. One amongst the Top 3 B-Schools in Telecom Management in India (Source: Outlook September 2004)
8. Awarded Best Academic & Industry Interface Education Institute at the World Education Congress 2012, Mumbai.
9. Asia’s Best B- School Award 2011, Singapore, has awarded BITM as Best Emerging B-School in South East Asia
10. Asia’s Best B-School Awards 2011, Singapore has awarded BITM as ‘Business School with best industry interface’

Students enjoy state of the art infrastructure to learn in a most conducive atmosphere for prolonged hours so that by the time they complete the management course, they will be professionally sound, physically strong and mentally robust to work efficiently and innovatively in all circumstances.

We train our students to be techno savvy business managers, with a comprehensive masters level curriculum in IT.

Course structure is designed by the industry stalwarts in accordance with industry requirements and is updated regularly according to the emerging trends in the corporate world.

Industrial visits, seminars, workshops, personality development programmes and intellectually stimulating exercises are conducted in routine manner.

Time is treated as the most precious resource which should be utilized productively. Our 365 days schedule is a testimony to this.

Student Managers undertake two company project studies to have an in-depth exposure of all the shades of the corporate world before actually stepping into it.

We believe that problems are opportunities, and the students are trained to be committed professionals equipped to perform in any situation because of the rigorous training and intense grooming.

We value three “mantras”, Discipline, Dedication & Determination and the motto practiced by each student in the Institute is “Perform Or Perish”.

Since Sri Balaji Society is one family, we have decided that we shall go for one prospectus(Handbook) and one application form where, all the courses of all the Institutes of Sri Balaji Society are listed so that each student can apply to any one or all the courses of any one institute or all the courses of all the four Institutes of Sri Balaji Society according to his/her order of preference of the course(s). The application form has appropriate columns and the students should carefully fill up the same, so that, a student can get maximum opportunity to get admitted to any of the courses of Sri Balaji Society. Please note that, all the courses of Sri Balaji Society are approved by AICTE and all the vacancies put together in all the four management institutes we have 1020 vacancies. In case the candidate is not opted for an institute / course he/she will not be considered for the same while preparing the Merit List. However students without five years of work experience cannot apply for the Executive PGDM course. Available intake in BIMM are: PGDM-120, PGDM (IT & Marketing)-120, PGDM (PM & HRD) – 60 and PGDM (Executive) – 60. Available intake in BITM are: PGDM (Telecom)-120, PGDM (Telecom & Marketing)- 60, PGDM (Marketing & Finance) – 60. Available intake in BIIB are: PGDM (International Business) – 60, PGDM (Marketing) – 60 and PGDM (Finance) – 60. Available intake in BIMHRD are : PGDM – 120, PGDM (Marketing & Finance) – 60 and PGDM (PM and HRD) – 60.

Status of Each B School of Sri Balaji Society: BIMM, BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD
As mentioned above, all the courses offered by all the B-Schools of Sri Balaji Society are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Most of the companies visiting us for Campus Placements are seeing all the qualified students of all the four Management Institutes during Common Campus Placements. While the President, Sri Balaji Society is the Executive Director of BIMM, the first B-School of Sri Balaji Society, he is the Dean of all the remaining three B-Schools. The Directors of the Society are devoted to and are integral part of all the Management Institutes of Sri Balaji Society. Besides this, each Institute is having full compliment of Director, Full Time and Visiting Faculties, Infrastructure, Library and everything required for a growth oriented B-School as per AICTE norms. All the Institutes are located in one beautiful campus. The hostel is also common to all. The courses offered by each of these institutes are listed in this Handbook. Thus each institution is important and enjoys equal status and attention from the Top Management.

Eligibility Criteria
7. Candidates should have a minimum of 50% marks in graduation from any statutory University (45% for reserved category).
8. In case of PGDM (Executive Batch), candidate should have 3-5 years of industrial work experience as a full time employee in the field of Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Systems and related areas of management in the industry is eligible. These applicants should submit the industry experience certificate signed by the Director(HR) or any other authorised signatory of the Company / Companies and copies of their Appointment Letters along with the application form. There will be no difference in the course curriculum for this batch and they will receive the same inputs as applicable to the PGDM Programs except for the fact that they can expect lateral placements with higher compensation packages. Those having lesser number of industrial experiences also get different and upgraded placements depending upon their corporate experience though they may not be admitted to the Executive Batch, but to the other courses.
9. Relevant work experience means full time employment in any company and not in the family business. It also means working on full-time basis on the specialization departments in the company such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Operations and so on. Only such candidates can expect differential compensations based on work experience. However the selection committee can look into all the other type of work experiences and consider award of marks.
10. Candidates appearing for any final year Degree examination up to June 2014 can also apply. However, if they fail to match the above qualitative requirement when the result is declared for the graduation examination, they will be relieved from the course compulsorily. Same will be the case with respect to those who fail in their degree examination, which means a candidate should qualify his/her graduation examination with a minimum of 50% marks latest by the academic year 2013-14. The mark sheets should be submitted to the Institute latest by 01 November 2014.
11. Medical Fitness should be as explained in this Handbook.
12. Should be willing to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Sri Balaji Society as explained in this Handbook.

Selection Procedure
Written Examination
We accept CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT scores. However, as CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT scores are issued to the students, any student who has appeared for the CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT examinations can apply for our courses with the CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT scores. Thus, all the four Management institutes will accept CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT scores. However, the MAT and CMAT scores will be equalized and validated to the CAT score value and that will only be counted for the purpose of merit list. Anyone having any objection to the same, need not to apply. We do not believe in any cut-off points as we give only 30% of the weightage for the entrance examination, while making the merit list.

Group Discussions
Candidates who fulfill the qualitative requirements will be called for the Group Discussions by experts . This will be for a duration of 30-45 minutes per group. This may include role play, case studies and extempore speech and GD. 40% of the weightage in the merit list will be given to the GD process. Therefore the GD process may extend to the second day although all efforts will be made to complete the process in one day. This is an elimination round.

Essay Writing as Integral part of Interview Process. Written Communication Skill is very important for any one to succeed in the industry. Therefore, the applicants will be required to appear for an essay writing exercise on a subject, which will be given on the spot in the selection centres. This will be for 30 marks and fifty percent of the marks will be counted . This essay writing will be for half an hour. The topics will be general in nature and any one who follows the National Newspapers can easily appear for the same and score good marks.

Personal Interviews
This expert panel interview and the essay marks will carry 30% of the weightage . This panel will assess the candidates on various parameters including the suitability of the candidate for a particular specialisation. The panel will also give opportunity to the applicants to add or delete course options.

Selection Centres
While we are keen to have the admission process in all the centres mentioned below and have been having many of the centres for many years in the past, we reserve the right to cancel any of the centres depending upon the contingencies. However, it may be noted that, the hall ticket issued by us to any centre is valid to all the centres and the students who may need a change of centre due to any reason can automatically go to any other centre by just informing us through an e-mail/fax and without expecting any response to the same. Changes in dates, if any, for the Group Discussion, Essay writing and Interviews will be available on our website on as required basis. Students are therefore advised to see the website regularly.

Submission of CAT/ MAT /XAT /C-MAT Result/ Score
Candidates should submit the application form with the photostat copy of CAT/MAT/XAT/C-MAT scores which will be verified during Personal Interview. The latest MAT score which is available with the candidates can be submitted. It may be noted that we are not going to do our short listing based on the CAT/ MAT /XAT /C-MAT score alone, although weightage is allotted for the same.

Merit List
On completion of interviews, we compare the performance of all candidates appearing for the interview and generate a final merit list based on their overall performance. The candidate is considered for the course which he has preferred according to the priority mentioned by him / her in the application form. Incase, he / she is not selected to the course applied by him / her, then he / she will be considered for other courses and selected on merit. It may be noted that, all the Management courses are of the same status and the inputs are also similar according to specilisation. As we have already mentioned the placement opportunities for all the courses are very good as has been proved by the track record of Sri Balaji Society.

It means that each institution is important and enjoys equal status and attention from the top management. We select the best possible candidates for all the Institutes from amongst the common pool of all the candidates applied for admission to any or all the institutes of Sri Balaji Society; although such a consideration arises only when a candidate is not selected for admission to the particular institute to which he or she may have applied originally. By doing so, we are in no way taking away any opportunity from anyone but are providing an additional opportunity to get selected in any of the prestigious institutes of Sri Balaji Society.
This is done subject to the following conditions: –
5. That they are eligible for the same. To become eligible, they should have opted for the institute(s)/ course(s) (one can opt for either one institute/ course(s) or for all the institutes/ all the courses as per his/ her order of preference as marked in the application form) for us to consider them.
6. That vacancy exists in those Institute(s) for such a consideration.
7. That they come up in the merit of scope of those institutes / courses.
8. Changes in Government policies where applicable
Women Empowerment

As a socially conscious trust we believe in the upliftment of women. Hence we ensure 50% of the intake of the students go to female candidates and remaining 50% goes to male candidates. In order to cater for the same, merit will be drawn separately for female & male candidates.
Declaration of Result and Confirmation of admission

The admission list will be declared in the web site and also communicated through E Mail. Selected students will be required to remit the first installment of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) within 10 days from the date of declaration of the admission list as above to confirm their admission. In case the selected candidate fail to remit the fee in time it will be assumed that the candidate is not interested in the admission and the vacancy will be released to the candidate in the waiting list.

Important Dates
Last date of submission of application form 08th February, 2014
GD & PI at various centers February & March 2014
Final Merit list 03rd April 2014
Course Commencement 08th June, 2014
Note: Dates mentioned above are tentative.

Education Loan
BIMM, BITM, BIIB & BIMHRD have been specially approved for educational loan schemes for the students who gets admission to any of these institutions from CREDILA (An HDFC Ltd. Co.), Central Bank of India & Andhra Bank as Sri Balaji Society has signed MOUs with these banks. All those students who get admitted in any of these institutes can approach these banks for availing educational loan. However students have the liberty to approach any other bank as per their convenience.
How to Apply
Application Form for Full Time programs is a part of this prospectus. Prospectus includes :
(a) Application Form, (b) Admit Card. All these documents, mentioned above bear the same prospectus number, need to be duly filled and submitted to the address mentioned below.
Application form & Prospectus for the programme of choice can be obtained in the below-mentioned ways.
5. Prospectus can be obtained from selected Axis Bank (Click Here for branch list)/IMS Learning Centres (Click Here for branch list) from 1st January and at our office for Rs.1250/-
6. Students can also obtain the prospectus from our office by sending a Demand Draft of Rs.1350/- payable at Pune in favour of ‘President, Sri Balaji Society’ with full name & postal address on the reverse side of the DD.
7. Downloadable: You can download the application form and submit the same with a Demand Draft of Rs.1350/- (Rupees One thousand three hundred & fifty only) in favour of ‘President, Sri Balaji Society, Pune’ payable at Pune. Write the name & address of the applicant on the reverse side of Demand Draft.- Download Now.
8. Apply Online: Click here
All the requests for prospectus and all the inquiries related to admission should be directed to the under mentioned address:-

Admission Cell
Sri Balaji Society
S.No.55/2-7, Tathawade,
Opp. Wakad Police Station
Off Mumbai-Bangalore bypass, Pune – 411033
Tel : +91-20-6674 1235/ 3063 1236
Fax : +91-20-6674 1234
For More information vision on:
Or call on: +91 9090430147