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About LBS

Vision & Objective
The process of evolution is an ongoing phenomenon. It teaches one to adapt to changing conditions while reaching an improved, higher, better, refined, evolved circumstances, condition, and environment. This is the basis of all endeavors that mankind strives for.

So lets look ask the question WHO AM I?

I am a man and I feel the need to evolve and that in short is my reason to INNOVATE

Change in its nature is the eternal truth. Change is unavoidable lest one chooses to stagnate, let alone perish. The thought above is most significantly relevant to business as it is to any aspect of life. The process of governing change by an intellectual thought process forms the basis of INNOVATION. As Demming said “PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT”. What Demmimg proclaims as a sequence of steps that ensures quality in the work space is in fact an event that results into performing through learning. It is the true mark of a leader who forms CONTINUOUS LEARNING as the foundation for his governance.

It is through implementation of these learnings that a positive change i.e. changes for the better, an outcome that defines one’s leadership comes forth. A leader that accepts continuous change and embraces continuous learning more so in business affirming his faith in CONTINOUS INNOVATION is what can ensure success.
Hence we at Lotus Business School believe that “INNOVATING BUSINESS LEADERSHIP” is what is going to lead India to its true worth in the 21st century.
Retaining the old and the wise , imbibing the fresh new thoughts and applying a combination of the two is what will allow business houses to stay abreast if not forge ahead in this magnificent new era. With an ongoing quest for the better and with a commitment of never giving up, Lotus strives to inculcate in its students the art of questioning the obvious, innovating the way things work, innovating the way organizations function, in fact completely redefining them through innovation. Built on this ideology of innovation it is a complete endeavor on the part of Lotus Business School to produce leaders of tomorrow and to transform India in to a position of envy by the year 2020 as envisaged by our former president Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Campus Tour and Infrastructure
• Located in the Educational Hub of Pune City
• Spacious Classroom equipped with LCD projectors
• Wi Fi campus
• Accommodation Facility
• Library, Reading Hall, Computer Lab
• Surrounded by Greenery
• Recreation Rooms
• Canteen facility
• Laptops

General Information
Lotus Business School is an Institute which has been created with a vision of imparting quality management education and create world class leaders. Infact, Lotus Business School encourages the students to challenge the very basic concepts of management and leadership. The Lotus core team comprises of individuals who are the alumni of IIMs, JBIMS, Symbiosis etc. and other ex-corporate employees from renowned organizations.

In today’s world where the industry and corporate life has become highly demanding and dynamic, it is imperative that the future leaders are innovative and do not take things for granted. Therefore, the challenge is to be innovative and be a maverick. the same is also the essence of the Lotus Pedagogy formed by a group of renowned Industrialists and Academicians.

Lotus is an attempt not only to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical but also the effort at ensuring that the relevance of academics with the practicality of the subject. Not only are the programs focused at imparting knowledge but also towards ensuring that the students are industry ready and are able to be immediately absorbed in the corporate world.

Started in 2007, Lotus has come a long way in a very short span. Today it is not only an institute which is into a management education but has also ventured into MDP, Market Research and Consultancy through its associate institutes.

Industry Internship
Lotus gives a real corporate world exposure to the students by ensuring that the student understands the dynamic nature of the industry and gets groomed for it.

Usually the theory taught in majority of the management schools and the practical life in any corporate differs to a large extent. In fact a lot of theory is also misunderstood or not digested properly by a student as he does not realizes the significance or is not able to visualize the application of the same.

In order to facilitate the student in understanding the entire theoretical concepts as well as give him a platform to perform the theoretical understandings, Lotus Business School, Pune ensures that the student undergoes an internship program with one of the organization in the corporate world.

This not only ensures that the students are Industry ready but are also keen and eager to meet the challenges of the world.

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