About Us

There is a misinterpretation that “Only excellent students make their way to the best universities” and the fact that creates the winning variation is the admission assistance and guidance the students receive. To obtain admission in a leading school which students aspire is not an effortless task but an intellectual task. The individual want and wish can be fulfilled and the ultimately achieved-if you have the right associate thinker and guide. This is just what “ADMISSIONS TIMES(www.admissionstimes.com)” is concern about.

Business schools have an infinite growing competition of applicants, as more students than ever before apply for the frame of a top-ranked learning experience. Even remarkable academic achievements, outstanding test scores, impressive resume and the most focused efforts are sometimes not sufficient What is required is the right approach, counseling and specialized attention. It is tough for student to go through the confusion and find a solution which will deliver the right results that is the admission acceptance.

There is a growing number of students studying at the best B-schools around the globe who will confirm to the actuality of the name -Admission times. We, Educational consultants in Bhubaneswar, offer a bunch of services which begin right from the time when a student first decides to peruse higher studies and finally getting him in the school of his choice. We are not only in the function of admission consultants, essay editors, resume counselors and admission guides, but we are much more than these services providers.

Our, educational consultants, team of thorough professionals individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with his/her own environment, strength, requirements and ambitions. We work as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements.